I highly rate Mr Hutt’s work on this quality new build project. His control and application was outstanding. His team of trades was most efficient. He dealt with client concerns and problems promptly. His provision of an ‘in house’ kitchen and bathroom designer was a valuable extra facility. The property was delivered on time, on budget, and with an NHBC Warranty exactly as required.

I would not hesitate to use his services for any future work.

Nigel B C Evans

We have found the Sycamore Developments team to be very hardworking, honest and cooperative. They have worked efficiently to produce an exceptionally high standard of work in the intended time period. Their costs are very reasonable considering the attention to detail and effort put in. We are extremely satisfied with the work completed and would not hesitate to use your company again for future work or to recommend them to friends and family.

Dr Rakesh and Dr Paulomi Patel

Why Sycamore Developments should be considered “Master Builder of the Year

Starting this answer from the very first encounter I had with this organisation, their level of professional and personal enthusiasm for their profession – really stood out. From simple things like returning calls, emails and faxes, to the time and effort they invested in making us feel comfortable with them.

The things that stand out as to why they are head and shoulders above any other builder are:

  1. Transparency in pricing and work procedures. They were completely upfront and transparent with all their costs. Making the ultimate decision ours and making it very clear what the pros and cons of all the options where.
  2. Professionalism. It may sound strange, but this was the first builder that actually was using and benefiting from modern technology. They responded to every email and phone call in less than 24 hrs – no issue was left hanging or un resolved.
  3. Creative thinking and solutions. Have decided not to take an architect on board for the full build – it was often left up to Julian from sycamore to work through solutions on the site. He did this quickly and efficiently using his previous build experience to solve issues. These were then always double checked with us and the architect who we had on a hourly rate.
  4. Integrity to our vision. From the first day, Sycamore developments understood the vision for our build – the key factors that where important to us and they never let go of that vision. They understood the home we wanted to create and ensured they delivered against that vision.
  5. Superior craftsmanship. I have lived in many new builds and can honestly say the level of craftsman ship they delivered is excellent. All the suppliers we were recommended to use by Sycamore developments where not only cost efficient but delivered an excellent product. No matter how many other suppliers we looked at – we always ended up using Sycamore preferred supplier.
  6. Respect of our site. This is one thing that I think they do exceptionally well. We were complimented by neighbours on the clean state of the site, and the containment of the build to our property – limited disturbance and hence eradicating any complaints of neighbours. In addition once the finishes and fittings started to go in, they took every precaution to protect the house and their rules and regulations where enforced.
  7. Delivery of commitments. We started on our build on the 21st of August 2006, and where in our house by the 5th May 2007. This was 8.5 months to demolish and rebuild the entire house and hand over. This was 1.5 months ahead of schedule and shorter than its taken friends of mine to build simple conservatories!

Overall I am nominating Sycamore as I would like them to get public recognition for not only the craftsmanship of the build, but the way they work. They are genuine, caring people who love what they do and take pride in what they do. They create and foster working relationships that they hope will go beyond the build and for this you need integrity and professionalism, of which they have plenty. They are the complete opposite to the stereotype of builders and I think their background of corporate and building gives them the perfect blend of professionalism and skill.

I had so much fun doing this project – we are looking to do it again and would definitely use and recommend Sycamore in the future!

Wayne & Maria Koutsoudakis
Weybridge, Surrey